Healthy Living Home Ideas from New Zealand

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Healthy Living Home Ideas from New Zealand – have you ever thought about the alphabet as inspiration for creative home design? Studio Creation of architecture completed development of the magic House M. a family of simple residences in Auckland, New Zealand: “this little project casts a glare at it, as well as small change and additions can make a positive contribution to a way of life. The newest addition to

Japanese House Reflecting Exceptional Link with Nature

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Says that the shapes of the circle and the sphere are associated with success and perfection. Project designed by Japanese Architects named UID Pit House is one of the most amazing and the most bizarre of residential premises, what we’ve ever seen. This House nature reflects human need to belong to a greater whole. The idea of unity is expressed through the roundness, the perfect symmetry and fullness. Living space

Charming Rectangular House Shrouded in Perfect White

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The Rectangular House of Shaker Heights is a project designed by the architects Dimit, which was completed in summer 2012. The project is spread over an area of more than 7200 square feet. The Rectangular House surrounded by lots of trees looks exceptionally well in the autumn, when the leaves adds a gentle touch of decadence to him. The residence, located in Cleveland, Ohio consists of two wings, which will

Minimalist House with Interesting Architecture Details

House N 110.jpg

Sharon Neuman Architects Oded Stern-Meiraz cooperated in the design House & N, modern residences situated in city Yehuda in Israel. The House is habitable area of 260 square meters sprawls on the N on the land with an area of 500 square meters. The construction is characterized by an interesting architectural detail: white brick wall, which protects the construction in high smeared on the direction of the street, thereby providing

Modern Home Design Ideas with Basement from Geijer Arsitektur

modern home design ideas with basement

he Modern Home Design with Basement from Geijer Arsitektur of 200 m2 is designed with a clear horizontal plane in which the projecting canopy roof and terrace is contoured and form the main mold elements. This house is called a single house but built on the second floor and thus make the house look bigger than you might imagine. Downstairs is half on land but has been constructed with a