Simple Small Bookcase from Luka Pitnar

simple small bookcase

Luka Pitnar create a simple small bookcase. To help you to organize your book collection. The design is simple and small, that shaped the field of rectangular box made of wood. But who would have thought, simple small bookcase can perform aesthetic. With a little creativity, you can create patterns and designs on the walls of the room in the house with several this simple small bookcase. Small bookcase simple

13 Modern and Original Wooden Coat Hanger Stand

modern coat hanger

for those of you who are looking for intelligent storage place. you could try a coat hanger stand to beautify your interior and put a hat or coat. Here we have 13 new inspiration modern, original, wooden coat hanger stand that you can apply at home. coat hanger stand is great because they occupy very little space. give us the opportunity to hang a full objects are: coat, of course,

Minimalist Wood Wall Shelf from Matter Design

organic wall shelves

One of the latest projects of Matter Design, a minimalist with a layer of wooden shelves. Complex design has the look simple. Particularly suitable combined with all types of interior of your home. A showcase of Brandon Clifford and Wes McGee is Ply Shelf, minimalist shelf, modern shelf, organic shelf. using 3D models and digital machines controlled by computer. using graphics and laminated plywood against minimalist wall shelf is an

33 Wall Organizer Make Room More Comfortable and Functional

wall pocket shelves

Wall organizer is a practical piece of furniture that can help make your home more organized. Here are our ideas for wall organizer. In terms of decor and interior architecture, entrance House meets a number of functions. Today, we usually think about decorating the entrance of a very practical perspective. We know that in order to be functional, it must accommodate a number of furniture and shelving elements such as