Funny and Provoking Light Design


Coming from a designer named Roly-Poly Jung Jae Yup is one of the funniest designs we’ve ever had the opportunity to see what kind of lighting. The project is also known as the “Zen”, probably because of that, you have to be really strong in the State of meditation, to withstand and started to fool around with that lamp. Very us this idea, even though it is necessary to admit that

Best Collection of Hanging Glass Pendant Lights

Clear Band Pendant collection by John Pomp Studios 1.jpg

Partially transparent, they can not only create the light fixtures, but also the desired atmosphere and deliver room more elegance. This practical guide to info graphics relating to the practical size of the lamps and their location to assist you in choosing the appropriate lamp for your space. best collection of hanging glass pendant lights imagine as your dining room is softened further by these natural, handmade blew Transparent hanging lamps. These fixtures

16 Best Ideas for Contemporary Dining Room Lighting Fixtures

ceiling lights for dining room

looking for new ideas for the dining room lighting? We’ve got the 16 best ideas of our version to decorate dining room. Lighting is an element that determines the atmosphere of a room. In the dining room, it should be neither too hard nor too soft. A space that is dynamic, warm and welcoming, the dining room is a large part held in any living space. We invite you to