9 Most Unique and Creative Sink for Bathroom at the World

Unique and Creative Sink Water Map

Have you ever thought to something different for your bathroom? May be initiated by the sink. Like the one below, 9 most unique and creative sink that you can consider to be added in your bathroom. This certainly can make you surprised by the elegance and functional design. Designed to maximize space and save water. Ground breaking ideas, combining the technology of ‘water back‘ new Roca, using waste water from

Clever Storage Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathroom

small bathroom storage bathroom ideas

Clever Storage Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathroom – If you have small bathroom but have big equipment and confused you enough to save it, for sure you will do a number of ways to get around this. In general, items in a bathroom can be arranged with either depending on their placement. Small bathroom is no longer an excuse for the bathroom does not look neat. When dealing with a

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas Look More Widely

small bathroom decorating ideas

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas – Spacious bathroom is everyone’s dream. You can be more comfortable and cozy in the bathroom. In the bathroom, you can do anything that is private. The bathroom is not just a place to cleanse the body. You can do other activities in it. Among them, soaking while reading a book or listening to music, finding inspiration for those who like to write, and the bathroom

Invisible Toilet from TOTO Gallery at Narita Airport Japan

invisible toilet gallery toto japan

TOTO Gallery is a public toilet in Narita Airport Japan. Designer Invisible toilet is based in Studio Klein Dytham, Tokyo. This toilet has a translucent wall and shows the silhouette of the toilet. The toilet wall also featuring LED tape cleaning and dance. A series of these toilet blocks encased in clear glass and has 10 individual toilet cubicles. Behind the glass, six of booths that covered one or two

Depiction Mosaic Ideas of Small Modern Bathroom

Towel Rack Ideas For Small Bedroom

The designers tackled the problem by emphasizing a modern and exciting space, filled with natural light. Obviously without neglecting functional needs, adjusting the vibrant lifestyle of the owners the former small bathroom described as a dark and cramped interior. Minosa Design and Royston Wilson Design has handled a bathroom remodel to a 50’s style orange brick veneer house in Australia. The explanation continuous that a mirror ball was placed above