Small Apartment Ideas: Tips Maximize Your Room

small apartment ideas tips maximize your room

Small Apartment Ideas: Tips Maximize Your Room. The first thing to make your space more widely in a small apartment that is putting the glass on a small apartment to make it look spacious. And also you can put a glass window to allow room exposed to sunlight. The second. If you have a large collection of books. You can put these books in the bedroom, using a built-in bookcase

Bright and Minimalist Modern Apartment Ideas from Moscow

Minimalist Modern Apartment Ideas From Moscow

One of bright and minimalist modern apartment ideas comes from ZE|WORKROOM studio. This apartment was built 100 square meters in Moscow. The apartment describes minimalist design and modern because of giving warm and amazing. Besides, this can be seen from furniture of the apartment. The design of modern apartment employ wood material almost every part of the building and dominantly with white color, in which clean impression and luxury. Floor

Interior Ideas from Underground Apartment at Stockholm

underground living room ideas

Is underground apartment in Stockholm has a cool interior. This is seen in some pictures below. This underground residential area of approximately 103 square meters and there are 3 rooms, kitchen and bathroom. High distance between the ground and the ceiling is only 3 meters. Underground apartment that is quite common in big cities like London and New York, underground apartment is a growing trend in the city. you want

Modern Small Apartment with Interior lighting by Pavel Yanev

Modern Apartment Living Room Ideas Interior Lighting

Light can change the appearance of a room or area without physically altering it. Light can be used to interpret rooms in order to maximize or emphasize areas or and also establish continuity between the exterior and interior. Besides, Light can influence perception, draw our attention to specific details and automatically direct our view. The explanation about light above can be seen on The “Atmosphere” project by ALL in |

Black and White Apartment Decorating Ideas with Natural Touching

Black And White Apartment Decorating Ideas

Colors always evoke an emotional reaction. Ability of culture and color is very influential in determining the use of a color into product design. Some people prefer certain colors such as red, white, blue or black while others do not like the color because that’s the color becomes very crucial role and importance in conveying the message. As we know, in design, color and black and white intertwined. This awesome