Unique Bed Design: Ayrton Bed by Estel

unique bed design РIt is very clear that the bedroom is the most important room in the house because this room is your place to pamper yourself and resting comfortably. As a private room where you unwind and of course you will try to give a good bed design that will create a safe and relaxed atmosphere. Featuring a unique design and offers unbeatable comfort is the goal of Ayrton bedroom. You will love everything about the Ayrton bed by Estel.

Ayrton Bed Modern Bed Design

As you can see in the picture, The unique bed comes with an optional headboard and a wooden structure covered in Polyurethane. It also has chrome-plated stainless steel legs and can be upholstered in leather and eco-leather. Interesting side comes from a distinctive design with elements incorporated into the structure to create a bedside table and The bedside table comes in a range of colors according to the mattress support. It provides extra storage space and stylishly holds all your bedtime essentials.

Modern Bed Design Ayrton Bed

As a long term investment, your bed should be selected and designed with carefully. In this room, you spend a lot of time sleeping, it should be a place where you can relax and rejuvenate. Obviously, you can create a focal point by adding a quality bed linen and soft pillows if you have a lot of space in your bedroom. Besides, you can make an inviting area especially guest bedroom that is appreciated by guests. It is really impressive wherever you place it.

Ayrton Bed Unique Bed Design

Ayrton Bed Headboard

Ayrton Bed Covered Polyurethane

Black Ayrton Bed Modern Bed Design

Black Ayrton Bed Headboard

Modern Unique Bed Design Ayrton Bed

Unique Bed Design Ayrton Bed

Unique Ayrton Bed For Modern Bedroom

The bedrooms are good you will evoke a sense of comfort and adds a fresh atmosphere. Getting unique bed design was created by Estel this will bring you drift into dreamland in no time. You will get exceptional quality sleep!

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