Classical Pink Bedroom Design by Amanda Nisbet

First impressions are visible from this pink bedroom design is harmonious and cozy atmosphere quiet and weird and cool design. This room can be called as a real source of inspiration! Designer Amanda Nisbet did smart way to design the bedroom by combining very good colors and fashionable tendencies with ideas of classical. Indeed, the classical ideas by Amanda looks special, non-standart and non-traditional. Texture that looks fantastic and dramatic colors give the room a stunning and special. Furthermore, by having elegant fireplace with armchairs increasingly to make the room inviting and also presence of soft voluminous bed head. The last, the style chosen is absolutely classical but the accessories and touches are glam and the colors are cold pink, many shades of brown, white and a drop of black. Great work and Awesome Look!

Carpet Idea For Bedroom

Candle Idea For Interior Accessories

Classical Bedroom Design With Details Interior

Classical Bedroom Design With Cold Pink

Elegant Fireplace Classical Bedroom

Hour Glass For Interior Accessories

Table Decoration Ideas For Bedroom

Statue For Interior Accessories

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