Bedroom Design Ideas with White and Gold Interior

Color has always been the most important element in creating the impression of a room. The colors are applied can also affect one’s mood. One is the color that is applied in the bedroom. As you see in the picture, by combining glamorous gold and calm white so that the impression will be suitable for any interior and looks fascinating. The bed here is a simple white with golden legs. The minimalist and functional design made this bedroom very gorgeous. On the bed, white pillow looks chic combined with a blanket in order to achieve very feminine nuance. Pendant lights definitely provided fantastic solution for small spaces. Besides, there is also some extra light for reading without taking any space on the side table.

Bedroom Design Ideas With Gold And White Table Decoration

Chic Hang Shirt On Wall

Chic Bedroom Design Ideas With Gold And White Decorating

Unique Wardrobe For Bedroom Decorating

So, when the two colors are combined to decorating the bedroom, it will create a cozy atmosphere as well as elegant look.

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