5 Ideas for Teenage Room Design

Designing a teenage room is more difficult than the kids room. Because a Teenage have their own tastes to her room design and you can’t impose the will that he received Teenage Room Design your choice. Therefore if you want to design a teenage room should you include in the design, to fit the child’s will and could also remain pleasing to the eye. If you are still confused about the design of adolescent room here are some examples of teenage room design can be your inspiration.

teenage room design ideasRoom teenage boys design tend to look messy. But with arrangement and storage in various corners of the room makes it look neat.

teenage room design for girlThis room is for girls is quite simple and pretty with white and floral bedspread.

ideas for teenage room designThe room design for young men, provide more storage to put various for ranging from books or accessories.

ideas for girl teenage room designThe color pink is still suitable for young girls. Combine also white to give the impression of light.

beach ideas for teenage room designThis beach-themed teenage room is perfect if your child likes a beach view.

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