Depiction Mosaic Ideas of Small Modern Bathroom

The designers tackled the problem by emphasizing a modern and exciting space, filled with natural light. Obviously without neglecting functional needs, adjusting the vibrant lifestyle of the owners the former small bathroom described as a dark and cramped interior. Minosa Design and Royston Wilson Design has handled a bathroom remodel to a 50’s style orange brick veneer house in Australia.

The explanation continuous that a mirror ball was placed above the tub for fabulous lighting effects. Besides, using of mirrors was the key to maximize space with black approach finishes. There is also LED lighting that was concealed under the vanity bench top. In addition, the panorama of this bathroom is getting attractive on depiction with the image of Napoleon Bonaparte that made from Bisazza glass mosaic tiles. Let’s see 12 photos Depiction Mosaic Ideas of Small Modern Bathroom.

 Modern Small Bedroom With Small Bathtub


Modern Small Bathroom Design


Modern Small Bathroom


Tower Rack Rail Ideas


Towel Rack Ideas For Small Bedroom


Small Modern Bathroom With Red Lamp


Small Modern Bathroom With Purple Lamp


Small Modern Bathroom With Blue Lamp


Small Modern Bathroom Design


Small Modern Bathroom


Small Bedroom Idea With Modern Touches


Small Bathroom With Modern Sinks


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