Small Apartment Decorating Ideas with Hidden Rooms

want to make a decorative design in a small apartment? There are several ways to do. Sergey Makhno successfully applying for a small apartment which is located in Kiev, Ukraine, and you know waht, this small apartment just 50 square meters. awesome right?

small apartment decorating ideas interiorIt consists of a small apartment! great space, serving as a space dedicated to relaxation and entertainment, and an open kitchen. All other parts of the interior are hidden in a way that cleverly through the recesses and sliding doors. The entire apartment has been equipped with small modern style and includes some design objects, such as the modular sofa by Roche Bobois.

small apartment decorating ideasSmall apartment furniture is not only beautiful, but also very practical: it is destined to become a focal point in the living room and allow all guests to sit comfortably in a small apartment in the Center. Sofa design comes with a colorful bar Chair by Konstantin Grcic. They provide ultra modern and welcoming touch to the kitchen with island Center bois.

small apartment interior ideasAll that is required for a modern lifestyle: locker room, library, bathroom and, of course, the bedroom! All this area is hidden behind sliding glass doors that serve as objects of the separation space while allowing light to penetrate-and designers agréable.

small apartment decorating ideas living roomSergey Makhno explains, the creation of the interior is inspired by the jewelry box: space will propose to imitate such a box concept with many secret compartment that only the owner can know. And, like jewelry boxes, small apartment evokes luxury and refinement with a surface of marble, wood and a modern touch provided by the wall with 3D effect. Now here is the rest of the photos from the gem of a small apartment:

small bedroom wall decorating and shelf

small apartment decorating ideas wall decorating

small apartment decorating ideas kitchen

small apartment decorating ideas bedroom

modern small apartment ideas design

modern small apartment decorating ideas

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