Modern Apartment Interior in Slovakia with Clean and Fresh Design

modern apartment interior – Located in the historical city of Bojnice, Slovakia the interior of this apartment really gives you with both, its warmth and a clean design line and also gives the modern and fresh atmosphere. In brief, having a wide living room and a terrace overlooking the city, the apartment was designed to fit the tastes of the owner, to have a place that breathes and uncluttered at the same time. In fact, the place results of a merger between two smaller apartments were successfully designed by RULES Architekti to define excitement comfort and spaciousness with minimal requests for maintenance.

Neat Kitchen Design Modern Apartment Interior

The living room area has two sofas black cloth decorated with white details. Coffee table decoration finish contrasts with the dark sofas. To add to the warmth of wood and are highlighted in the room. The strange mix of wood, lacquered surfaces and stainless steel confer to this place that modern feel. By matching wooden “carpet” the interior simply opens to the outdoor environment through a wide terrace. In addition the entire section for its coffee tables is placed on a rectangular-shaped wooden surface. To add a sense of privacy really needs long dark curtains. Clearly to make this place to be modern feel, lacquered surfaces and stainless are conferred on the strange mix of wood. Furthermore, to follow the terms of colors, black, white, silver and look-like nuances are dominant. On the day zone (comprising the living room, the dining area and the kitchen) is envisioned as one unitary space. This apartment is obviously one of the best interiors discovered in  Slovakia ever!

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Modern Apartment Interior In Slovakia With Clean And Fresh Design

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