Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas

minimalist living room design ideas with green carpet

Right now when a space becomes very expensive, land prices go increase up every year like crazy to make a minimalist theme a very realistic option. Hence at this time we often find homes that apply minimalist theme in the home or office that they wake up. Well one of the area which is now the most widely use minimalist design is the living room. The living room is well

Glass Outdoor Swimming Pool Design Ideas

glass swimming pool design with glass wall ideas

Have you ever thought of having an outdoor pool made of glass? Definitely will be amazing to have an swimming pool of glass. Here we have ideas outdoor pool walled glass. Our can clearly see the water from the side, whereas before we only saw it from above bias. Willing to create a pool of glass in your home? Swimming outdoors is not only invigorating and inspiring, it is good

Modern Openness Home Design by Oscar Gonzalez Moix

modern courtyard design ideas by gonzalez moix

New modern openness home design by Gonzalez Moix now can be one new idea for you to develop a dream home. This is one masterpiece of Gonzalez Moix Architecture in 2010. This two storey house lies an upscale district at Lima city (Peru) and built in green area. The modern openness home design by Oscar Gonzalez Moix reflects the transparency, openness and cheerfulness. Transparency is seen from its many glass

17 Different Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

decorating ideas for small spaces minimalist design

If you have a small space, don’t be afraid to exploit it. If you apply the right design and the selection of the right furniture as well. small space you can be a very nice and comfortable. a lot of things we can do to decorate small spaces. Here we have some different decorating ideas for the dining room, relaxation area and work space. Hopefully some picture decor small spaces

New Ideas Decorating Small Living Room Look Bigger and Elegant

decorating small living room

Decorating a small living room can be very difficult. because the need special consideration in decorating a small living room. Here you will learn choosing furniture for small living room placed. soon we see new ideas decorating small living room. You can use wallpaper or mirrors to make your small room more vibrant and elegant. especially if your room gets a little sunlight. This will feel you are in a